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Hand writing in Flash CS4

today we are going to create a great little hand writing effect. This is perfect for use as part of a flash intro movie or as part of a website header/banner.

We are using Adobe Flash CS4 again for this tutorial although this is entirely timeline based so it should work with older versions of Adobe Flash, so if you are ready let’s begin

Open up a new flash document (it does not really matter whether you choose AS3.0 or AS2.0 as this is a timeline based animation. Let’s set the stage to black and the frame rate to 31FPS


We are going to write the word “Welcome “on the stage, for our example we are using the “LHF_Stanford_Script” font (this will be included in the source files at the end of the tutorial). We want to make sure that the word is fairly big on the stage so we have set the writing size to 120PT.


Now we want to right click on the writing and select break apart, we need to do this twice so that the text reverts to a vector.


Once the text has become a vector we want to add a new keyfame to the time line,


With our new keyframe selected we want to move over to our tools list and select the eraser brush, once the eraser brush has been selected we want to erase a small portion of the text (starting at the end)


Once we have erased a small amount of the text we need to come back down to the timeline and create another keyframe


We now need to make sure that we are on the newly created keyframe (we should be by default), we also need to make sure that we have the eraser tool selected still as we want to erase out a little bit more of our text.


We need to keep repeating the steps above until we have erased all of our text and have approximately 70 frames (you can slow down the animation by adding more the one frame on each step)


If we were to test our movie now you would notice that the text disappears, what we now need to do id to select all of the fames on our timeline and then right click on the timeline and select reverse frames.


That is the basic animation completed you can now save it and test your movie, as stated earlier you might find that the text gets written too fast for you, to correct this we just need to add some more frames to our animation as shown below.


That concludes another tutorial brought to you , if you would like to download the project files you can do so by  Download Source clicking here.